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Our ST Series is an extensive range of all in one solar street light available in five power output options. In this series, we include outdoor solar lights with 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, and 180W for solar installation needs.

The solar lights work with a high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel that offers up to 30 years of service life. You get an enhanced luminance of 160lm/w empowered with the US-made 3030 Cree LED chip. As it's an IP65-certified product, you don't need to worry about rainy days or any bad weather conditions.

From luminance to remote control, ST Series features all the specifications that justify the solar street light price. That's why it's famous as the leading all-in-one solar LED street light in the whole industry.

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Certification CE TUV IP67 UL CB IECEE COC

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All-in-One Solar Street Lights

Adjustable Solar LED Lights Redefining the Industrial Standards!

Switch to Eco-friendly all in one solar street light based on the industry's leading-edge technology. Cmoonlight designs multipurpose solar street lights that overtake traditional streetlights with incredible luminance and power efficiency.

What Makes Cmoonlight ST Series All-in-One Solar Light Stand Out?



Die-Cast Aluminum:

Days of rust-catching iron solar street lights are gone. Now, it's time to switch to a metal that stands strong in every weather. Thus, we use Die-cast aluminum alloy in our solar LEDs for enhanced life and durability.

Unlike iron housing, the housing made of die-cast aluminum alloy doesn't catch rust and stays unvenerable even during rainy/snowy days. They are lightweight, easy to ship and install, and sturdy enough to meet your needs.


IP67 Waterproof Certification:

No doubt die-hard aluminum alloy doesn’t catch rust even in the rains. However, an all-in-one solar street light is an electrical appliance with various electrical components. These components are prone to develop technical problems when they come in contact with water, dust, and snow.

Thus, our solar street light features IP67 certified coating to stand strong in every weather. If you don't know about IP67, this certification ensures protection from splashes, rain, snow, and even dust. Whether you live in deserted or rainy areas, our ST Series perform at its true potential in every weather.


Monocrystalline Solar Panel:

The solar panel is the lifeblood of every solar street light as a primary source of energy. At Cmoonlight, we understand the importance of solar panels and use monocrystalline panels. These panels are highly efficient and offer an incredible conversion rate of up to 20%.

Unlike Polycrystalline panels, they have single-crystal black cells that absorb the highest solar energy. The best thing is these panels have twice the lifespan when compared to polycrystalline and can serve up to 30 years.

We connect the LED lights with the panel using an anti-oxidation waterproof connector. Interestingly, this connector is an excellent conductor and prevents solar light from elements like Zinc and rust.


3 Control Modes:

Cmoonlight designed the ST Series of integrated solar LED lights as remotely controllable appliances. You get a dedicated remote controller with the light that allows you to adjust brightness, light mode, and more.

In ST Series, we offer three different control modes including light, time, and microwave for easy customization. The light (L) mode enables you to time light dispersion according to the time. For instance, 100% brightness in the beginning and 20% light till dawn for energy saving.

On the other hand, Microwave (M) mode works with our microwave sensor with a sensing range of 8-15m. It detects the presence of people and cars and adjusts the light accordingly. The sensor usually reduces the light dispersion when no one is there under 8-15m.



M-360 Solar Charge Controller:

As you know, solar energy is seamless, especially during the peak summer days. It's obvious your solar light will set on fire if they keep charging themselves throughout the day. But that doesn't happen with our solar-powered street lights.

Considering this, we have installed M-360 solar charge controller with a 99.99% qualification rate. This controller adjusts the power output and charging levels according to weather conditions.

Moreover, it supports two control modes including Automatic Time Control and Motion Sensor Control. You read our manual to understand the working of the modes and how they save energy for you.



LiFePo4 A-Class Lithium Battery:

Most manufacturers use Ternary Li-ion Lithium batteries to serve the purpose of a solar street light. However, those lights may be set on fire on hot summer days and have a lifespan of only 3 years. Cmoonlight hits the industrial standards using A-Class LiFePO4 lithium battery in the solar parking lights.

Similarly, we used this incredible battery in our ST Series of all-in-one solar-powered LED lights. The battery is famous for its charge and discharge ratio of 2000 times (2.5 times higher than the Li-ion battery).

Whether it's chilling winter or hot summer, our batteries stay stable and efficient in every weather. It may surprise you that a LiFePO4 battery can last up to 10-15 years and offer a backup of 12 hours per night and 3-5 days in the rain.



3030 Cree LED Chip:

Our ST Series features a US-made 3030 Cree LED Chip from the house of Philips for the highest performance. It's an efficient chip that uses less energy and produces an incredible lumen of 130-170lm/w.

Cree LED chips to have 4Flow-based LEDs that produce customizable correlated color temperature (CCT) of up to 6000K. Thus, you enjoy a white bright light in your parking area or wherever you want. We have engineered these LEDs to maintain a color rendering index of 70Ra.

This, color index ensures you get enough brightness and visibility without experiencing eye strains.



40W ST Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Light


  • 60W solar panel power
  • 40W max LED power
  • 18Ah*12.8V battery capacity
  • 6400 Lumens
  • Dimensions: 685x 350 x 175mm
  • Mounting Height: 4-6m
  • Mounting Space: 15-20m

60W ST Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Light



  • 80W solar panel power
  • 60W max LED power
  • 24Ah*12.8V battery capacity
  • 9600 Lumens
  • Dimensions: 1040 x 350 x 175mm
  • Mounting Height: 6-8m
  • Mounting Space: 20-25m

80W ST Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Light


  • 100W solar panel power
  • 80W max LED power
  • 30Ah*12.8V battery capacity
  • 12800 Lumens
  • Dimensions: 1220 x 350 x 175mm
  • Mounting Height: 7-9m
  • Mounting Space: 25-30m

100W ST Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Light


  • 140W solar panel power
  • 100W max LED power
  • 36Ah*12.8V battery capacity
  • 16000 Lumens
  • Dimensions: 1310 x 425 x 160mm
  • Mounting Height: 7-9m
  • Mounting Space: 25-30m

120W ST Adjustable All-in-One Solar Street Light


  • 150W solar panel power
  • 120W max LED power
  • 42Ah*12.8V battery capacity
  • 19200 Lumens
  • Dimensions: 1470 x 425 x 160mm
  • Mounting Height: 8-10m
  • Mounting Space: 30-35m



Applications of Our All-in-One Solar Street Lights:

Solar Parking Lot Lighting:

The best application of our integrated solar lights. Whether it's your personal parking lot or of your business, it offers an efficient and affordable solar lighting solution for parking lots. As discussed above, ST Series has a Microwave mode that adjusts the light according to the presence of objects.

It will keep the light to only 20% unless there's any car or person standing in your parking lot. Thus, solar light saves your money in every way possible!


Solar Lightening for Streets:

Besides parking lots, our solar-powered LED lights are perfect for street lighting. It features exciting specs including 6000K CCT, up to 19200lm luminance, a 42Ah battery, and more. Whether it's a rainy day or a hot summer day, ST Series lights will never let you run out of lighting.

We have used high-efficiency solar panels that save your electricity bills without compromising efficiency. Also, you can switch to the light mode for better energy efficiency.


Solar Lighting for Construction:

Construction units run 24/7 to meet the customer's needs and maintain the supply chain. At Cmoonlight, we help you with easy to install and highly efficient solar lighting for construction. As a constructor, you know working at night requires bright light and proper visibility.

Here ST Series lights become a perfect option with their incredible luminance of up to 19200lm. Furthermore, it's adjustable and remote controllable designed for the convenience of use.


Airport Lighting:

Flights land and take off throughout the day! So, they require brighter lighting and higher luminance for the expected visibility. Our ST Series solar street lights provide 120W solar LED power with 6000K CCT. Thus, it enlightens the airports with a bright but soft eye-friendly white light.

Along with that, our solar lights have a 3030 Cree LED chip that offers brighter light while saving your electricity cost.


Military Solar Lighting:

When it comes to choosing solar light for a military base, our solar lighting solutions have no alternative. Our high-quality solar street lights have reliable battery, light, and durability required for a military installation.

As we use LiFePO4 batteries, our lights stand strong in every weather and offer 12 hours of light per night. Even in the rainy season, Cmoonlight’s solar street lights can work 4-5 days consistently without compromising efficiency.

Are you looking for Solar Street LED Lights? Cmoonlight is the best place to end your research journey. The applications of our ST Series range of lights are seamless and we can even customize it according to your needs.

Click the button below to consult our experts and request a quote for your business!

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