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Solar Panel: 280W DC18V (High-efficiency Monocrystalline )              
LED Power: 200W (5050 Cree LED chip from US), 160 lm/w
A-class Battery: LiFePO4 Lithium,42Ah×25.6V 
Controller: 12V8A
CCT: 6000K (3500-6000K can be customzied)
Work Time: Continuously 3-5 rainy days, 12 hours per night
Control Mode: Time control 
Recommand  Installation Height: 8~10m
Recommand Installation Distance: 30-35m
Recommand polw diameter: 70~80mm
Lamp Housing: Die-cast Aluminum 


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200W Super Large All-in-One Integrated solar street light

  • All in One solar light, need solar power to charge battery, please select appropriate model based on local sunshine conditions.
  • Please avoid solar panel be block by building, trees or other obstructions, otherwise it 
  • Charging temperature of Lithium battery is 0℃ to 55℃, the discharging temperature is -25℃ to 70℃, make sure that ambient temperature is in this range when used, avoid damage to lithium battery.
  • Please cleaning surface of solar panels regular, such as dirt, leaves, oil, etc., ensure 
  • Cleaning snow of solar panel surface timely in winter.

Basic Specification:
Condition Temperature:-20℃~60℃
Work Humidity:>95%
Colour rendering index:70Ra
Controller efficiency:≥0.90
Lens angle:75*140°

How will we do high-power integrated solar energy


Many low-power  integrated solar street lights on the market will fail after two or three years, due to poor quality craftsmanship and inferior batteries and controllers. Although it is a public model integrated solar street light, if you want to do such a high power 200W All-in-one solar street light, you must achieve the quality of the 5-year warranty, and the requirements for the production process are very high, we must design first, and we must have rich industry experience.

The director of our company's production plant is the former senior executive of Foxconn. Our production process is very strict and requires high product details. We design according to the production process of at least 5 years warranty, so it will be more strict. If you want to use solar street lights with 10-year quality and will not be blown down by typhoons, you can find us.

The wind resistance coefficient increases in square multiples of the area and installation height of the lamp, and the wind resistance of such a large-sized solar street lamp is bound to be huge. Therefore, we will thicken and widen the beam, and the upper end of the light pole should be directly above 76mm, and increase the diagonal brace.

Heat dissipation: Heat will affect the life of the battery and lamp beads, so we will add heat sinks behind each lamp bead module and redesign the heat dissipation holes. The maximum temperature of solar energy in summer can reach 70-90 degrees Celsius, so we will add a heat shield to the back of the solar panel, and the frame may need to be redesigned.

The worst on the market is the disassembled second-hand battery (more than 95% of solar street lights use this type on the market), and then the ternary battery. The better ones are the new lithium iron phosphate batteries. The new lithium iron phosphate batteries are divided into A and B products. Such a high-power integrated solar street light has particularly high requirements on the battery cell, and we use the best lithium iron phosphate battery of A grade.

The latest IoT solution (not dropped):
Old-fashioned IoT solutions include 2G, NB, Laro, Zigbee plus concentrators.
The above old-fashioned IoT solutions often have dropped calls, and the networking is complicated, so they cannot be used at all. We use the latest 4G single-lamp external card IoT solution, the signal is stable and does not require networking, and the operation is simple.

From the perspective of safety, the maximum solar panel designed for solar street lights should not exceed 180W and the weight should not exceed 50KG. Because the large-volume solar street lights have the risk of being blown down and hitting cars and pedestrians in typhoon days. It is recommended to use our mature 180W solar panel integrated solar street light, 3 rainy days (there is a smart power mode inside, so it can actually reach 7 rainy days)

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