What is solar street lights

Solar street lights
are ultra-advanced form and a replacement of old traditional public street lights. Solar energy is now becoming the most economical form. Solar LED street lights, solar powered street lights, all in one solar street lights, and integrated solar street lights are further advanced inventions.

 Nowadays, solar street lights are high-demanding lights. It has provided by a silicon solar battery, ultra-bright LED lamps (by which bright light emerges), a maintenance-free controlled battery as an electricity saver and all given are get attached with a high-quality charging and discharging controller.

Solar street lights conveniently attached inside the garden, in backyards, it could easy to fix at your gate to make the front passage lit and elegant. Solar street light regarding most rakish appearance. LED street light has a variety of series. SOLAR refers to absorb energy from the sun and provide it as electricity which power by devices. The manufacturers claim that solar street light charges in 6 to 8 hours and end in 3-5 rainy days.
How to install solar street lights?

You will not be in a panic for installation as these lights have been solace designed. With strong attachments, it is easy to fix.
(1) Connect the solar panel to the light bulb
(2) Now fix it with a screw
(3) Attached with waterproof connector
(4) Install the lamp to the desired place

Solar street lights are reliably-design and hassle-free solutions. Our project in solar energy saver fulfills all needs, having long-lasting results, and with quality performance is top-rated there by Saudi Arabia has provided a certificate. Saudi Arabia is always concerned about the latest trend to standardize its modesty. The project in Saudi Arabia is to fix an alternate installation of solar street lights that are supposed to fulfill the technical standards of street lights. An estimate shows that the project of Saudi Arabia requires a lesser amount to deal with solar street lights.

We have introduced solar street lights in countries to provide a modern facility. We have markets in South Asia : Malaysia, South Africa, Philippines, Africa, Morocco