Solar Street light project in Mauritius

Cmoonlight has been a powerhouse of solar streetlights. With massive success in major countries all arounf the globe, it has many more project lined up for further expansion of it’s domain. The solar street light project in Mauritius is one to look forward to.

Mauritius is a popular destination for tourists because of it’s beaches, lagoons and reafs. Also, the luxury resorts are all the more a good reason to visit. These beaches, algoons and reafs are also a popular sttraction for the locals. Cmoonlight has one of it’s main markets in Mauritius and is planning on doind a solar streetlight project in Mauritius in the near future.

Palm-Tree Solar Powered Street Lights:
The Palm-Tree solar street light is one of the latest products of Cmoonlight. It is perfect to be set-up in Mauritius. It adheres to the climatic and locational conditions of Mauritius which makes them ideal for installation.

Why the palm-tree solar street light?
These streetlights are perfect for Mauritius. Not only do they have a long battery life, lifespan and greater resilience, they also complement the fact that there are many island in Mauritius. With proper certifications i.e. IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber, these streetlights are made with only the best quality products which shows that it is a great investment.

  • The battery:
The battry used in these lights is made up of Lithium only. The reason why only Lithium is used to make the battery is because it has the best energy storing capacity and resistance against harsh weather conditions. Lithium can be used for 20000 constant cycles of storing and using energy.The bettery capacity of these solar street lights is customizable and can be made according to the demands of the buyer i.e. 18Ah*12.8V, 24Ah*12.8V, 39Ah*12.8V and48Ah*12.8V.
  • Protection from heat:
These lights have features which protects them from heating up too much. The panles used in these lights can be detached from the battery and thus, can act as a shield from the sunlight. This prevents the battery from heating up. Furthermore, the heat dissipation of the battery is very high which protects that battery from heating up to much. That is the reason these lights can even fuction in temperature of upto 70 degree celcius. This is very improtant is countries like Mauritius since it has a tropical climate, meaning the weather an get very hot and humid.
  • Absorption of sunlight:
These solar streetlights have panels that are 500mm wide while the panels in normal streetligths are only upto 430 mm at maximum. Also, the panles in these streetlights are moveable and can easily be moved to face the sun. This increases the absorption of sunlight by 60%.
  • Conversion of sunlight into electricity:
Normal solar streetlights have the conversion rate of only 12% at maximum. But the palm-tree solar streetlights have been made in such a way that it has almost twice the conversion rate. That means that while other solar streetlights cannot change much amount of absorbed sunlight to electricity, the palm-tree solar streetlights can double their conversion rate, giving better effeciency and brightness.
  • The panel and the light:
The panel and thelight are both made up of high-quality material. The panel, which absorbs the sunlight, is made up of high quality aluminium, which is an excellent absorber. The light is made up of high-end LED chips having CREE from USA and a lifespan of upto 50,000 hours.
  • Hassle-free installation:
Normal solar streetlights have complex wiring and a long installation process. Cmoonlight has solved this issue because these streetlights can easily be installed in just two simple mounting steps with no complex wiring. This makes it ideal to be used in places such as the beaches and resorts in Mauritius.

Cmoonlight has one of its main markets in Mauritius. Having done succesful projects in other countries, Cmoonlight is working forward to further inrease it’s domain and get even more succesful. There are very good chances that a solar street light project is Mauritius is underway by Cmoonlight.