How to judge the quality of solar led street light manufacturers by lighting time?

When purchasing solar led street light manufacturers, there are many factors that need to be considered. For example, you need to consider how big the light source is and how high the pole is. An important factor to consider is the need to look at the lighting time and turn on the lights. Time is generally affected by the following factors.

First, we need to look at the local weather conditions and sunshine time. Second, we need to look at the length of solar led street light lighting time and the sunshine time and intensity of the area where it is used. This will directly affect the energy absorbed by the solar panel. The more energy the battery panel absorbs, the more electricity can be converted to ensure sufficient lighting time. Generally speaking, the cumulative time of sunshine in the north, that is, the number of sunshine hours in a year is longer, and the rainfall and cloudy days in the south are more, so the sunshine time will be less. These factors will directly affect the lighting effect.
Another factor that needs to be paid attention to is the continuous rainy days. Solar led street light can absorb much less energy than sunny days. If the number of continuous rainy days in the local area is very long, then when choosing the solar led street light configuration, It is necessary to make a good calculation, how to ensure that the solar led street light can be turned on normally under long rainy weather. Only by understanding the above-mentioned influencing factors can we know how to judge the quality of solar led street light.